Bungee jumping on River Nile

Bungee jumping is a water sports activity which can be done on River Nile world’s longest river located in Uganda Jinja town whose flow of water takes quite a number of day to reach Mediterranean Sea.

Bungee jumping started years back as tribal ritual for boys who were entering manhood. Fresh, stretchable vines were attached to their ankles and tied to two bamboo towers. Divers were required to jump from as high as possible and stop as close to the ground as possible to prove the extent of their manhood. Fortunately today, bungee jumping has evolved quite a bit and is now performed with only highly specialized equipment and the best adventurous activity enjoyed highly.

Bungee jumping in Uganda has earned a global reputation for its claim to having the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. Commercial bungee jumping originated in New Zealand and advice was sought from the construction, adventure tourism and alpine industries. The standard is reviewed bi-annually and is altered or updated as new innovations or situations arise.

Nile Bungee is one of the most attractive sights you can never imagine. The views from the tower are sensational and when the tower is dormant for jumping, a troop of Vervet monkeys stand guard against the Nile to also enjoy the classic site.

The spectacular views over the source of the world’s longest river lead you to a number of heavily unbelievable forested islands with flocks of long-tailed cormorants swimming in the swirling currents below and crowds of onlookers cheering from the nearby bar.

Nile high bungee is 44m above the waters of the Victoria the source of the Nile, this gives jumpers the opportunity to water touch as it splash in the river on the first bounce.

The tower can accommodate 235kgs people at once meaning you can choose to bungee as big groups, By far the most popular way to jump is using the ankle tie but there is the option of a full-body harness as well. This means you can somersault from the edge or choose any form of freestyle that will give you the best bragging rights in the photographs.

Nile High Bungee tower operates under the standards set by law in Australia/New Zealand Standard Code of Practise for bungee jumping.

Bungee jumping equipment in use is recorded by staff as it takes place and then compared to recommended times and instances.

During each jump the cords stretches to approximately four times its resting length and gently slows the jumper down at the bottom of the trajectory.

It is optional to touch the waters of the source of the Nile and you can choose whether to stop short of this or take the plunge. Jump for 44 metres for your first touch of the world’s longest river.

Race up the rapids at breath-taking speeds powered by 450HP of motor, then sit quietly as the expert pilot explains a little of the magic settings you have reached. An unforgettable experience for the whole family, relatives and friends.

Bungee jumping equipment are: high-flotation life jackets, spray jackets and a custom-made 12-seater jet boat all imported from New Zealand.

A safety harness is attached to your waist and a specialized rope is attached to a second bridge, 20 or 30m away from you. As you jump, the rope quickly pulls taught and you swing forwards and rather rapidly over the ground a few meters below. Granted, you’re still jumping off a bridge into a river, so bridge swinging will still take some guts, but it’s not quite as scary as bungee jumping.

Because of the inherent danger of bungee jumping and its unique requirements in terms of location, there aren’t many commercial bungee jumps.