Canopy walk in Nyungwe forest National Park

Canopy walk can be done in Nyungwe forest National Park in the south western part of Rwanda. The park is approximately 255km from the Kigali capital city to the land of 1000 hills, the forest consists of 13 primates, more than 300 bird species,80 mammals,32 amphians,38 reptiles and more than 1000 tree species.

The minimum age for canopy walk activity is 6 years and minors should be accompanied by parents to ensure safety and the cost/price is US$60 per person. There are high chances of encountering rain protective rain equipment’s should be carried.

The sky walk has a length of 200 meters hangs across a steep and deep valley filled with thick forest. The Canopy Walk offers breath-taking views across the misty forest, and sightings at eye-level, of a number of unique wildlife inhabiting the canopies.

Canopy Walk activity takes 2 hours, the start and end point being at the Nyungwe National Park headquarters at the Uwinka tourist reception centre. The first about 200 meters is a walk along a forest trail under the thick canopies for a chance to observe the ground level nature before taking on the canopy walkway to access the top level of the forest. Notable sightings include several monkeys such as L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Black-and-white Colobus, Red-tailed Monkeys, and lots of birds.

Nyungwe forest national park is the only protected area in East Africa with a canopy walk .Canopy walk is among the adventurous activities you need to do on your safari to Rwanda and East Africa as well.

The way to walk through is suspended between the big trees offering an excellent view of the canopy. It’s perfectly rewarding to watch a number of flora and fauna in their natural habitat above in suspension.