A giraffe is an African artiodactyl mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and largest ruminant. It is traditionally considered to be one species, Giraffe Camelopardalis, with nine sub species.

Giraffes live differently in a kingdom of Animalia, phylum; Chordata, gensus; giraffe bris son, order; artiodactyl a, gestation period of 15 months, height 4.6 to 6.1 m, family; giraffidae, class; Mammalia, scientific name; giraffe, eat; acacia and habitats of savanna ,grassland and woodland.

Wild life in Uganda is beautiful and wonderful made, and a clear depiction of this beauty is the Rothschild giraffe. The Rothschild is one of the most unique herbivore in the world. The Rothschild giraffe is also known as the Uganda giraffe and Baringo giraffe. It is the tallest giraffe and animal in the word. The males are often much heavier than the female and a mature Rothschild weighs 2800 pounds.

Besides height, the Rothschild giraffes have a few other features that make them different and unique compare to other giraffes. They have five horns, two where other giraffes have their horns on top of their head. Two horns behind their ears and one on the center of their forehead.

Their coat color differs from that of the other giraffes. The coat of Rothschild giraffes has dark patches and creamy white channels running between dark patches. The coat markings mark the giraffes appear like leopard skin markings. The coat makings are unique to the giraffe as fingerprint is to a human being. The absent markings on the lower leg, give the giraffe of impression of wearing white sock.

Because their height and gangly appearance one would expect Rothschild giraffes to be slow and calmly, instead they are steady and fast though seen walking slowly around the savanna. They run 56 km/hr. cross an open ground and travel along distance of 16 km/hr.

Giraffes are browsing animals which use their huge neck and their long mobile tongue to strip the leaves and bark from the trees of African savanna. The special valve and complicated network of elastic blood vessels around the neck ensure that the blood is successfully pumped along its long neck to the brain and also prevents the animal from passing out when it bends down to graze and drink.

Surprisingly the giraffes can spend months without drinking liquid water. They instead get water into their bodies from the leaves they eat. You can often find them nibbling on leaves of the trees such as acacia tree from the Savannah. They can get water through these leaves that are why their heads are always up in the upmost branches of the trees.

In 2010, the giraffes were placed on the red list of the endangered animal species. They can be seen in the wild and in very few places. In east Africa clients find them in Kidepo valley national park and Murchison national park that’s in Uganda and in Kenya Nauru national park.