Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is located in south-western Uganda between the districts of Kisoro and Kabale, and bordering with Rwanda. Towns on its shores include Kyevu and Muko, and its 29 islands include Punishment Island and Bushsara Island. Each of the island has history attachment like punishment which was to punish young girls who would get pregnant before marriage. The pregnant young ones would be thrown to teach others not to do the same.

The lake is a connecting point between the Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park for the endangered Mountain Gorillas the country icon and the most demanding tourism activity.

Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa following Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania witnessed by Uganda safari travelers. With islands and occupying the steep valley dammed by lava from the volcanoes of the area.

The island lodge and safari camps offers a fantastic setting to view the beautiful scenic environment of the area including the dotted islands on the lake themselves, the nature of the land and variety of bird species.

The world ‘Bunyonyi’ means a place of many little birds hence Uganda’s loveliest lake. Its twisted shore encloses 29 islands, surrounded by steep terraced hillsides reminiscent of parts of Nepal.

The place is magical especially with a morning mist rising off the placid waters, it has been added to the Ssese Islands as the place for travelers to chill out on their way through Uganda.

Many tourist / travelers who come to Uganda and Rwanda for gorilla safari, relax at Lake Bunyonyi and enjoy the scenic view of the lake and the attractive surrounding.

Travelers can involve themselves in various activities while at the lake like birding, canoe ride and cultural encounter as well as Bakiga dances.