Paradise Eco-Hub

Paradise Eco-Hub is an eco-lodge on Itambira Island, a popular eco-friendly facility on Lake Bunyonyi, which is commonly known as the ‘Lake of the Little Birds’.

The benefits from Paradise Eco-Hub assist local communities as part of the Itambira Sustainable Project, the lodge partners with a local non-profitable organization.

Paradise eco hub is a family-built and run hotel, have a close relationship with our local community. We pride ourselves in making our guests feel at home and providing them with an authentic and enjoyable experience.

This accommodation facility is located on your way to Bwindi forest while heading to see the mountain gorillas and beautiful landscapes in South-Western Uganda. The hub is overlooking the beautiful lake Bunyonyi and a specular view for a relaxation retreat, Eco-Paradise hub is the perfect spot to stay.

Paradise Eco-Hub is a sanctuary for nature-loving travelers from everywhere.

You can enjoy your stay surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, natural green environments and the papyrus swamps along the shores of Lake Bunyonyi.

You’ll feel as one with nature in his bird watcher’s haven and our beautiful, comfortable and natural surroundings are the perfect place for retreats, camping, and community development.

The King’s Nest Cave, or “Akagondo”. This traditional Rwandan hut offers the ancestral flair with a modern touch. The hut maintains the traditional open concept encouraging a oneness with nature. Lay in bed and take in breathtaking views of Lake Bunyonyi. Step onto your balcony and experience nature in all her splendor.

The double room. Simple, yet sufficient. Take this room and enjoy your privacy.

You can spend most of your time in our restaurant-bar overlooking the lake, or simply enjoy sitting beside the lake.

The cream of the crop. The bee’s knees. The Deluxe Nest Cave.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before – unless you’ve looked at the pictures above. Imagine one of those beach huts you’ve seen in the movies, but sturdier, and with a better view. You’ll really feel one with nature in one of these huts.

Perfect for families, or couples who are looking for something extra special. Come spend a night and tell us how much you love it.

The Deluxe Cottage: It features stunning views and a homey feel.

You’ll love the privacy and the luxury of waking up to natural sunlight and a lake view.

The perfect place to sleep after a long day of enjoying yourself on the island.