Sezibwa Falls

The name Sezibwa is derived from a Luganda phrase “sizibwa Kkubo” which translates into “my path can never be blocked” and the locals said this because its flow could not be stopped even with different obstacles it encountered its 150 km long distance.

The Sezibwa Falls are located 32 Km along the Kampala- Jinja highway. It is among Uganda’s hidden cultural and religious treatures, it’s owned partly by Buganda Kingdom and Anglican Church of Uganda.

The historical Ssezibwa falls are located in Mukono district along Kampala-Jinja highway a short distance from the main road. Make a stopover on your way to Jinja and supplement your adventure safari by listening to the sweet sounds of the waterfalls.

Its approximately 50 minutes’ drive from the capital Kampala depending on the traffic flow of the city. You can alternatively have this tour included on your longer Uganda safaris like the gorilla safaris, wildlife safari, birding safari or the cultural safaris.

Sezibwa River runs for a total length of about 150 km from the source to the end. The Sezibwa falls site offers beautiful views of waterfalls marked with sharp-edged rocks and splendid sound of waters flowing down the indented rocks. The Falls are 7 meters high with beautiful scenery for relaxation and enjoyment as birds sing in the trees.

Traditional healers perform ceremonies for good harvest and other successful and beneficial deals in life. Enjoy and experience the wonders of nature by exploring the area. The various activities done are like camping, hiking, biking, rock climbing, guided nature walks, and canoeing.

There is a traditional believed concerning the origin of Sezibwa river and subsequently sezibwa falls according to the Baganda people residing in this area. The river is believed to have been born by a woman named Nakkungu Tebatuusa whose husband was Nsubuga Sebwaatowho while on her way to Kavuma Bukunja.

Nakkungu Tebatuusa is believed to have given birth to twins in form of water which became River Sezibwa and Bwanda according to the traditional legend. Visit the sezibwa falls and enjoy learning more about this legend from the local guide resident of the area.

Upon your arrival at the sezibwa falls, be welcomed by the resident tour guide, you will soon embark on your tour of the area. Visit the area of the shrines where people come for worship and other performing cultural rituals at the top of the Sezibwa falls.

The traditional healers have different shrines where people camp for a number of days and night depending on their request as they seek for blessings and remove curses from their ancestors through the traditional doctors. The worshipers has supernatural powers that connect them to their ancestors to receive long life, defeat of their enemies, and wealth.

Sezibwa falls area is one of the many destinations for birding in Uganda, explore some of the common and rare species of birds in the area like water birds, forest species and some savannah species found in the agricultural gardens adjacent to the falls.

Birds found in this area include the rare African finfoot which was previously only known to be easily seen on a boat trip in Lake Mburo national park, the giant Kingfisher is also known to enjoy the lower tree branches of trees near the flowing River Sezibwa.

Other bird species to look out for environs include; Ross’s Turaco, Splendid Starling, Black and White Casqued Hornbill, Great Blue Turaco, Dark capped Bulbul, Red eyed Dove, Woodland Kingfisher, Crowned Hornbill, Eastern Plantain Eaters, Northern, Grey headed Sparrow, Tambourine Dove, Lesser stripped Swallow, Hadada Ibis, Vieillot’s Black Weaver, Tawny Flanked Prinia, African Ground Thrush, Black and White Mannikin, Grey headed Nigrita, African Pygmy Kingfisher, African Paradise Flycatcher, Red bellied Paradise Flycatcher, Rock Martin, Grey backed Camaroptera, Buff-spotted Woodpecker, Northern Crombec, African Grey Parrot, Compact Weaver, Northern black Flycatcher, Diederik Cuckoo, Black Bishop, Western Yellow Wagtail, Dusky-blue Flycatcher, African Yellow Whiteeye, African blue Flycatcher, White chinned Prinia, Olive bellied Sunbird, Spectacled Weaver, Spotted Flycatcher , African Golden breasted Bunting, Willow Warbler, Speckled Tinkerbird, Scarlet chested Sunbird, Yellow Longbill, Palmnut Vulture, Grassland Pipit, Klaas’s Cuckoo, Cassin’s Honeyguide, White headed Sawwing, Collared Sunbird, Shinning Blue Kingfisher, Grey Woodpecker, Ross’s Turaco, Green Hylia, Fan tailed Widowbird, White throated Bee-eater, Lizard Buzzard and Pied crow.

It’s also a home for primates like; Red tailed Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, and other species thus Tree Squirrel, Nile Monitor Lizard, Green mambas and horned adders.

Sezibwa falls has beautiful racked rocks for an interesting rock climbing experiences. They are not too difficult or high but enough to give you a rock climbing experience among the other attractions in the area.