Silverback lodge

Silverback lodge


Silver back lodge is located in the Buhoma region of Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park, within a 5 minutes walking distance to the park headquarters. The lodge looms atop a hill overlooking the forest, offering you a spectacular scenery of the landscape, hills, valleys and the dense forests. While at Silverback Lodge, you can be sure to relish the beautiful view of the rising and setting sun.


Silverback lodge is comprised of 12 rooms; 1 single room, 4 double rooms and 7 twin rooms, all having interiors designed with purple slate stone, sisal ropes, forest vines, among other local materials to give you a great African experience. Each room is shelf contained with an ensuite bathroom and showers. Each room also has a private veranda with comfortable chairs where you can sit and languidly watch the beautiful sunset or sunrise, abundant the flora and fauna, the green hills and magnificent landscape.


Silverback Lodge is ranked as a luxury/upmarket/expensive accommodation facility.  


Warm Surrounding

Comfort at best

12 rooms – each with a private veranda & ensuite bathroom

Silverback lodge is a complex of 12 rooms; 1 single room, 4 double rooms and 7 twin rooms, each having a private veranda overlooking the forest. All rooms cosy and have ample space to give you a comfortable and relaxed feeling your safari. All rooms have ensuite bathroom and showers.

Restaurant & summit bar

The Silverback Lodge restaurant serves you savoury dishes prepared from both local and international recipes. Meals are served depending on where you want to dine from. You could dine from the restaurant, the lodge gardens your private veranda or room.The summit bar offers you all hot beverages, house drinks and bar snacks. You will be able to enjoy all sorts of drinks, from whisky, gin, beer, wine to soda, juice and water. You will also have a chance to sip at and savour the great taste of Uganda’s finest beverage brands

Lodge gardens

Silverback lodge has well-tented and maintained where you can retire after a hectic hike or gorilla trek. The gardens offer you a breath-taking view of the landscape and the forests. You can also be able to spot a few primates, birds and other forest ‘residents’ 

Spa and wellness centre

A massage after an energy-depleting hike or trek  is a soothing and refreshing experience. You can get a good massage given by a professional masseuse from the lodge’s spa and wellness centre. You can also be sure to get a good pedicure, manicure and facial at the centre.

24/7 power supply

Silverback Lodge avails you with a constant supply of solar power. Solar panels are used to tap energy from the sun which is then converted into solar power to provide light for all rooms.

Running water

While at the lodge, you will have access to clean running water. You will be able to do all the cleaning you want without harbouring the fear of a water shortage.Other amenities •    Hospitable and friendly staff who are available to serve your needs•    Laundry services •    24-hour security•    Free and ample parking ground •    Phone and gadget charging •    A barbecue can be arranged and a bonfire lit in the evening


•    Gorilla trekking•    Birding•    Hiking and trail walks to nearby rivers and forests•    Community hospital visits•    mountain biking•    Batwa trail experience