Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls are located in Kapchorwa districts Eastern part of Uganda neighbouring Mbale. Lying on the border between Kenya and Uganda, Mount Elgon is the extinct volcano with the largest surface area and caldera in the world, the highest peak is Wagagai, at 4,321m above the sea level.

Visit the Sipi River that generated its name from a local plant that grows around the banks of the river called the Sep.Sep which is used for medicine purposes and looks like a kind of a wild banana. From its nature, the green colour plant is used for the treatment of diseases like fever and measles.

On the foothills of Mt Elgon and overlooking a vast plain, Sipi Falls are arguably the most attractive waterfalls in Uganda. There are three levels, and though the smaller two are extremely beautiful.

Awesome local trails give you beautiful views of the area and on your way to the bottom of each of the three levels of waterfalls. Local guide who can explain the flora and fauna which boosts your travel experience.

Village and forest walks are also possible at Mt Elgon National Park’s Forest Exploration Centre nearby are fantastic experience. The full trekking circuit to the peaks takes five days to complete, following either Sasa or Sipi trails. While at the Sipi falls, you are able to view gorgeous sites of the slopes of Mount Elgon, Lake Kyoga and the Plains of Karamoja.

The highlight to visit Sipi takes you through the entire coffee process at a nearby family farm. You will pick the coffee berries, to deshell and grind them with traditional mortar and pestle, and roast them on an open fire, before – the best part – finishing with a fine cup of strong Arabica coffee.

Accommodation around the Sipi falls takes care of any of your budget needs with a number of safari lodges, backpackers, and campsites. Enjoy the environment with its coolest breezes around the areas.

Abseiling and rock climbing. Abseiling is one of the major activity to enjoy while in the Sipi hood. Sipi falls lies at the base or rather foothills of Mount Elgon, the Italian adventurers can able to take you around for that activity. This place is called the Rob’s Rock, in Jinja, You will enjoy the 100m Sipi main fall as you walk through the rock. You are also in position to visit the local waterfalls and taking hikes around the local areas.

The two attractive activities makes your travel moments awesome as the break taking adventure of descending with waters of the falls while abseiling 100m under the supervision of the local guides.

This activity sounds new and it involves descending down the foot of a steep rock or near. The vertical surface use a double rope coiled around your body fixed on the highest point you begin your adventure. At kapotigo village the locals will welcome you and offer support on your hike while going back to the top of the falls Agro-tour at the coffee farms, the Arabica coffee grown in Bugisu place known the Sipi Falls will enable you to have a look at the Bugisu Arabica coffee that grows at altitude ranges between 1600 to 1900 m. get a lot of information about coffee value chain as you will be able to meet the coffee producers, processors not leaving out the exporters and roasters. The profits and purpose is for community developments and advancements through local projects.

At the maximum height of the Sipi falls, you will get a perfect view of the magnificent and breath-taking Mount Elgon. The plains of both northern and eastern as they take their course through the lands. Trek to see the origin of the Sipi falls, it’s a bit tedious although when you get there, it’s the most beautiful place to stay.

The water is so cool and the environment worth adoring. Having a night in this place will be of great experience, as you will enjoy the waterfalls as well as the sound of the birds. It’s one of those peaceful places that will enable you thank God for his creation.

Adventure lovers can come to Uganda and visit the Sipi falls. Your dream will come true as you tour to the bottom of the falls where the water thunders. You can a swim in the nature swimming pool and enjoy the cool water. The locals will definitely be there to entertain you as they dive in the water, some washing clothes and the rest trying to catch some fish although it’s not so much successful because of the rapid water.

Vegetation cover and the rocks that appear as though they are falling anytime. The weather in this area is just too cool and for first time visitors, you are recommended to get to the top prior to mid-day. The roads tend to get slippery after that and your car may get stack. Just in case you experience this, don’t panic. The locals are always ready to give a hand and believe me they will make your safari memorable.