Sport Fishing in Uganda – Life time adventure experience

Uganda is a key fishing destination because of various water bodies like lakes and rivers. A third of the country is covered by waters, this is great opportunity for sport fishing.

Sport fishing is an adventurous activity carried out on Lake Victoria, lake Mburo and Murchison Falls National Park.

Nile perch weighing in between 20—180 kg are the largest fresh water game fish in Africa. Nile perches are the main catches during sport fishing activity both waters of Lake Victoria and Nile Murchison.

Sport fishing in Lake Mburo, the Lake has six species of fish, with tilapia being the most common one. Fishing is mainly done at Mazinga in Lake Mburo national park. Visitors interested in sports fishing adventure are required to obtain permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority and should carry their own equipment.

Sport fishing adventure at Murchison Falls National Park is done at the settle of the falls. It is practiced from the rocks on the bank of the river walking down the gorge to the river.

There are many species of smaller fish that are used as live bait such as tiger fish. These can be caught by the spinning method.

Sport fishing adventure on Lake Victoria, the lake is the second largest fresh water lake on the planet harboring the source of river Nile the world’s longest river. Lake Victoria boasted one of the most diverse fish environments on earth at one time.

The original (local) name was Nalubaali and it was later renamed lake victoria are the visit of Queen Elizabeth victoria of England. Fishing village on lake victoria include: Bugala, Pyramid, Buvuma,Damba, and Bujagai.

The lake has various fishing species making it an ideal fishing destination.

Fishing requires expert assistance to ensure the safety in this adventurous destination and a rewarding opportunity for awesome fishing moment. For this purpose we recommend that the qualified fishing guides should be used for groups of client travelling to the fishing destination.

The fishing can done in the dry months of the year to produce better fishing results like January to March and July to October. During these era the activity is awesome with rewarding adventure moments.

Sport fishing is an interesting activity with combination of wildlife and beautiful scenery with conducive at mospheric temperatures of over 40°C.

Anglers should be equipped with sun protection and tsetse flies which are commonly found nearer the fishing site. Trousers and long socks as well as insect repellent, hats, sunglasses, creams and Sandals are a good idea as you may well get wet feet especially getting on and off the boat, and creams are highly recommended for protection against bites.

Fishing trips begin from 9.00 am or 1.00pm and end at 5.00pm or 6.00pm. For half day excursion, full day excursion take around 8 hours on the water and a half day around 4 hours.

Fishing is experienced on the local islands which take 45 minutes to travel on a boat from Entebbe’s landing sites. The fishing parameter will depend upon the weather and how the fish are biting. At certain times of the year the lake can be very weird with large swells. A picnic lunch is provided with beers, mineral water as well as tea and coffee plus sodas.