The Birdnest Resort Lake Bunyonyi

The Birdnest Resort Lake Bunyonyi is located in South-Western Uganda and positioned at Lake Bunyonyi the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Bird nest Bunyonyi is a wonderful luxury accommodation which was opened in 2009.

The lake has a variety of birds of all sizes and it is surrounded by the green hills covered with the farming terraces which define the beauty of the region. The resort is positioned at the shore of the lake, offering a spectacular view of these amazing surroundings. They expanded with an overseas location for camping and nature experience.

The town closest to lake Bunyonyi is Kabale. The drive takes 2 hours from kabala to Kigali and approximately 7- 8 hours from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

The hotel can be reached by road branching from the main Kabale-Kisoro-road. Coming from Kampala this branch is found on your left side, just after leaving Kabale. Coming from Kisoro, you will find the road leading to the lake on your right side, just before entering Kabale.

This road is marked by several signposts. One of them indicates Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort. It leads up to a junction overlooking the lake. While at the junction continue straight ahead on the only road descending from the hill. When following this road Birdnest Bunyonyi Resort is the first hotel you will pass, seen on your right-hand side and easily recognizable by the big thatched roof. There is parking space for about 30 cars.

The resort is good at preparing Belgian food and has the expert chef and this is served with some of the local food.

There is a well-stocked bar offering an assortment of wines and spirits of all kind. The Guests are well taken care of by the friendly staff to ensure that their stay is very comfortable and unforgettable.

The lodge has a beautiful swimming pool and for those interested, they can take a swim in the bilharzia free lake. The climate is pleasing with a cool breeze right from the lake.

The rooms are beautifully designed and extremely well decorated and provides the guests a breath-taking view of the lake bunyinyo.

The entire unique setting is very attractive and you are guaranteed a chance to have a very comfortable stay at this luxury Bird nest Bunyonyi.

Resort services and amenities

  • Hotel – Campsite – Cottages
  • Swimming (pool and lake)
  • Lounge bar with DSTV
  • Restaurant with local and international dishes
  • Gorilla tracking at Bwindi
  • Bird watching – Nature walks
  • Traditional dance & Gospel
  • Free WIFI for hotel guests